2018 Ford E-Series Cutaway

2018 Ford E-Series Cutaway

2018 Ford E-Series Cutaway

The E-Series Cutaway may look like half a van, but, oh, the doors that it opens.

What is an E-Series Cutaway?

You've no doubt heard of the Ford F-series trucks, but have you heard of the E-series line of vans? This versatile vehicle can be bought as a cutaway, allowing you to customize and repurpose the van in dozens of ways. You can find E-series vans serving as school buses, ambulances, motorhomes, flatbeds, shuttle buses, box trucks, passenger wagons, contractor wagons, and more. There is almost no end to the utility of this vehicle.

What Comes With an E-series Purchase?

Essentially, when you buy the 2018 Ford E-Series Cutaway, you get the complete chassis of a commercial van but otherwise only the front half of the van's exterior. You can purchase it as is, or Ford can outfit your E-series Cutaway with the following exterior packages: motorhome, ambulance, school bus, multifunction school activity, and shuttle bus. Every E-series van comes with a v8 or v10 engine. The standard 6.8L Triton V10 delivers 305 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. torque. That's best in its class. And the available 6.2L flex-fuel V8 gives you 331 horsepower and 356 lb.-ft. of torque. Both engines are paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. There's a package available that allows the engine to run on natural gas or propane autogas, if desired.

The cabin seats two and makes the most of its space with the Slimline Engine Cover Console, complete with cupholders and various-sized storage compartments. There's also an optional AC plug-in outlet for charging an electric tool or your smartphone on the go. You also get the SYNC system, with Bluetooth, text reader, and smartphone connectivity. Finally, there's the FordPass app that allows you to unlock and start your vehicle with your smartphone.

Which Model Is Best For Me?

The E-series Cutaway comes in three trims: E-350 SRW, E-350 DRW, and E-450 DRW. The base E-350 SRW has little besides front A/C and AM/FM radio. Optional features include keyless entry, backup camera, power windows and locks, cruise control, Sirius XM radio, and chrome grille and bumper. The E-350 DRW is the same except it has an optional anti-theft security system and different tire configurations available. The E-450 DRW is larger, heavier, and boasts a greater payload capacity.