2018 Ford Flex

2018 Ford Flex

2018 Ford Flex

In an automotive world dominated by crossover SUVs that generally all look the same, the 2018 Ford Flex makes a bold stylistic move--difference--while giving buyers all the passenger room and cargo space of a classic SUV.

Why Buy the 2018 Ford Flex?

The Flex has a unique exterior style that looks like nothing else on the road. The Flex is the perfect mixture of SUV and wagon, with a modern aesthetic that's head turning. The straight lines and contrasting roof color offer a retro vibe calling to mind the best of the old California beach wagons--you halfway expect surfboards to be on top! This retro flair is in perfect contrast with the modern slope of the front end. A chrome front grill stretches across the entirety of the front end and almost seamlessly integrates with the headlights. If you are looking for something different, the Flex absolutely fits the bill.

That said, the 2018 Ford Flex is entirely modern in its sensibilities. With three rows that seat seven, the Flex offers all the room you need for both people and their stuff. A multi-panel vista roof takes a sunroof to a new level, offering an open feel that extends over all three rows so that everyone can enjoy the experience. Add to that the incredible smartphone and tech integration, and the Ford Flex gives you everything you need without needing to be like everyone else.

Is the Ford Flex a Good Vehicle?

The 2018 Ford Flex has an abundance of features that take it above and beyond good. The Flex has a 3.5L EcoBoost engine that puts out 365 horse-power and will get you up to 21 mpg. That's pretty good for a car this size. Active Parking Assist and a rear back-up camera help to make sure that, even though you are driving a bigger vehicle, you can get in and out of parking spots with ease. Intelligent All Wheel Drive makes driving, no matter the conditions, more controlled. Tech like Apple Car Play and a dual headrest DVD entertainment system that allows both screens to play the same or individual movies, the 2018 Ford Flex is way past "good." It's quite close to phenomenal.

Do the Ford Flex Seats Fold Flat?

In short, yes. The second and third rows of the Ford Flex fold down to create a flat loading surface. The third row folds down with one touch of a button, making loading, unloading, and putting seats back up for passengers far easier. The second row also folds flat allowing you to really maximize the interior space which is an impressive 83.2 cubic feet of space with the two rows flat.

Why Is Ford Better?

Ford is an innovative American-based company. In fact, the first vehicle to be mass-produced for the common man was made by the Ford company and the company has continued to serve the American public for more than 100 years. In that 100 years of car-making experience, Ford has become a name inseparably connected with reliability.

Ford continues to be on the cutting edge of technology, originating systems like the current Ford MyKey system which allows you to change the setting of the vehicle to match a specific key. This also allows you to make driving safer for teens by setting a radio volume limit, setting a warning to go off when a certain speed is reached, and more. Ford also innovates the driving experience by using technology like FordPass, an app that allows the ultimate connectivity between your car and your smart phone. You can unlock your car, turn it on, set your AC temperature, find where you parked, get diagnostic info and more, all without even being in the car.