2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid

If you're looking for a combination of style and real environmental change, the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid will give you what you want.

Why Buy the Ford Fusion Hybrid?

The reason for choosing to buy the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid might be the fuel economy it offers or because you want to do your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and carbon dioxide emissions by driving a more environmentally-friendly car.

The thing is, though, that those boxes can be checked with any hybrid. So why choose the Ford Fusion Hybrid? Not any hybrid offers the style, capability, and overall excellent driving and ownership experience that the Fusion does. Based on one of the very best non-luxury midsize sedans in the market, any version of the Fusion looks fantastic and has one of the best chassis in its class. The Fusion Hybrid builds upon that outstanding platform by adding extra frugality and a healthy dose of green credentials.

How is the Hybrid Different from the Traditional Fusion?

Some hybrids want to glory in their own righteousness, shouting to the world that you're driving something better for the planet than that regular car next to you. If that's what you're looking for, you may want to look elsewhere, because the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid won't fit the bill. But if you want to legitimately take steps toward environmentally friendly driving while keeping the same style you've had for years, the Fusion Hybrid is a great option for you.

The good news is that the Fusion is still possibly the most handsome and attractive car in its class. You'll notice one significant difference between the standard Fusion and the hybrid version--a smaller trunk in the Fusion Hybrid. Because that's where the battery is located, the Fusion Hybrid has a trunk of 12 cu.-ft., whereas the regular Fusion offers 16 cu.-ft. of trunk space.

Is the Ford Fusion Hybrid AWD or Front Wheel Drive?

Whether you're looking at the Fusion Hybrid or even the Fusion Energi, the propulsion system will exclusively be front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive isn't even available as a cost-option with electrified versions of the Fusion.

If you want an all-wheel drive version of the 2018 Ford Fusion you'll have to abandon hybrid powertrains and go for a regular model, where AWD is optional for the SE, Titanium, and Platinum models and standard with the V-6 Sport model.

What's the Difference Between the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Energi?

The simple answer to what the difference is between the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Energi is that the Energi is a plug-in hybrid, whereas the Fusion Hybrid is a regular gas/electric hybrid that can't be recharged from the main electric supply. Also, the 2018 Fusion Hybrid costs from $26,245 while the Fusion Energi costs from $31,305.

In practical terms, the Fusion Energi offers an EPA-estimated 97 mpg-equivalent when charged from an external source, and it can run on electric-only for up to 21 miles on a full charge. The Fusion Hybrid is rated by the EPA at 43 mpg in the city, 41 on the highway, and 42 mpg combined (exactly the same as the Fusion Energi when it's not charged from an external source).