2019 Ford Focus

2019 Ford Focus

The all-new 2019 Ford Focus is just around the corner, and this small car is set to deliver more passenger space, new performance technology, and even more advanced safety aids.

What's New for the 2019 Ford Focus?

The Focus has been redesigned from the bottom up. The cabin offers increased passenger space to make road trips about the memories and not elbow overlap. This Focus will be available as a sedan, wagon, and hatchback, so drivers can select the body style that best suits their daily drive. You'll find extra cargo space in the hatchback and increased legroom in the wagon.

You'll also find a longer list of standard features in the new Focus. That includes the new Ford CoPilot360 package, which includes high-tech safety aids like forward collision mitigation. Now every Focus model actively helps you avoid danger.

This all-new sedan is set to offer a new engine lineup. Although North American powertrains have yet to be announced, there's a brand new diesel option on the global market. If this diesel engine makes it to the States, you can expect it to balance impressive performance with fuel economy. The new eight-speed automatic transmission is designed to deliver both a smooth, comfortable ride and optimize fuel economy.

2019 Ford Focus On the Road

Why Buy the 2019 Ford Focus?

This all-new sedan features increased passenger space, cutting-edge performance technology, and safety aids previously only found on expensive luxury cars. In short, when you buy the Focus, you're getting everything you could want in a family sedan at a great price.

What Features Does the 2019 Ford Focus Offer?

The all-new Ford Focus is brimming with cutting edge features to make life on the road easier. The new adaptive cruise control system includes stop-and-go sensors, speed sign recognition, and lane-centering technology, so that the Focus practically drives itself in busy, stop-and-go traffic. The new active park assist system controls gear selection, braking, and acceleration for a fully automated experience. Now you can press a button and the Focus will ease itself into a parallel parking space without help from you. The segment-exclusive evasive steering assist system can steer around a stopped or slow-moving vehicle in an effort to avoid a collision.

Is the 2019 Ford Focus Safe?

Although this upcoming sedan hasn't yet undergone crash tests, we do know that it's set to offer the new Ford Co-Pilot360 package. This suite of driver safety aids helps you navigate busy streets with premium peace of mind. Features like automatic emergency braking actively help you avoid danger. Blind-spot detection with cross-traffic alert helps you keep track of vehicles you can't even see, so you can avoid sideswipes on the highway. Every new Focus comes with a rearview camera, which supplies extra visibility as you back out of a parking space.